Fairey & Grimethorpe Join Forces


Players from Fairey and Grimethorpe Bands will be joining forces to give a scratch band concert on Sunday 24th August 2003 at Marple Conservative Club, Church Lane, Marple. Richard Evans is musical director for the evening.

The concert starts at 8pm, no admission fee but be prepared to dig deep for a raffle and collection during the evening.

Proceeds go to Manchester Royal Infirmary Leukaemia Ward where my hubby (Phil) had his bone marrow transplant in March this year, and the attached Treatment Suite where he still visits weekly for check-ups, additional treatment and blood transfusions when required.

I can't be there this time (Fodens have gone and booked a concert in Fleetwood the same night!!!!!) but it will be a great evening........please come and support this worthy cause!

Helen Fox
Fodens Richardson Band


Faireys & Grimethorpe Join Forces

Thanks to all the band and ofcourse Richard Evans who did a great job last night (I know cos my kids told me so and I've seen the pictures!)

£860.00 was raised for MRI Leukaemia Ward 27.

Phil will take a cheque to the hospital when he visits for a checkup this Wednesday.

THANKYOU again to all involved......the band, Mr Evans, staff at the Con Club, Ralph Stephenson, Ray Noble, Mike & Janice Jackson, Martin Booth and especially Jimmy Legget for helping to put together the band.

Helen Fox


Great Night at Marple

On a warm and balmy night Richard Evans raised the roof at the Conservative Club in Marple. The Concert in aid of Pill Fox’s Cancer Charity Appeal was put together by James Legget the star back row cornet of the Fairey Band and consisted of players from Fairey, Grimethorpe, Marple and Poynton.

The opening march was Imperial Echoes played at a nice and steady road tempo. Richard Evans had the audience roaring in their seats with his wit and charm. The much overlooked overture “The Arcadians” was next up and it is always a pleasure (For me at least) to listen to this old favourite. The first Solo spot was taken by Nigel Fielding who implacably played Nesum Dorma. .Slavonic Dance number 4 was next up and this was followed by Neil Hewson on Flugel with “Orange Juice”, The first half was brought to a close with Slaughter on 10th Avenue.

The 2nd half kicked off with “Fest Musik der Statd Wien”. The fantastic Owen Farr then let himself go with “Feelings” to be followed by the Band playing “Love Changes Everything”. Time now for the Raffle and Auction ably done by Ralph Stevenson whose son Duncan was playing BB bass in the band. Back to the show and Morgan Griffiths who played “Shylock” with great ease and panache. Richard the brought the concert to a fantastic ear bashing finally with “Procession to the Minster” in which all the windows in the Club received a great shaking and rattling.

The encore was Nimrod followed by the whole cornet section playing “Hora Stacto”.

An excellent concert with music for all

Special mention has to go to James Legget for putting together the band, Richard Evans for conducting, Phill fox for showing off on percussion!. And the backroom boys of the Conservative Club Ray and Dennis Noble, Mike Jackson and Ralph Stevenson

Ray Ward
Carlton Brass (Back in his home Village)

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