Failing the task again! :(


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Hi Guys (and Gals)!
Although we have failed the task again, and are facing a forfeit, I just want to say that although I would have liked to pass the task, i'm not too bothered. :?
Lets get through this next forfeit together guys, and not get disheartened! There is life after tasks :wink: :lol:
*this feels like a team-talk* :roll:


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group hug???? group hug are you kiddin????
were are they :?: were are they :!:
come on you two show yourselves :twisted:


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homicidalbennyboy said:
Am loving the attituted Crawford....
well come on lil guy, it cant get any wooserer for him can it?

what the gona do? braek his fingures :shock:

Jo Elson

Would have nice to pass one task, but we'd feel lost without forfeits-make sure we pm u two next time! *turns and tuts, then goes to raid the fridge*

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