Extremely Disappointing Brighouse an Rastrick Concert!!!

I'm shocked! How anyone can walk out of a concert and be so utterly disrespectful is beyond me. Whether it is to someones taste or not is not the issue, how are banders expected to be encouraged to move forward with challenging pieces and modern music, when people like that completely disrespect all their hard work and take it upon themselves to just leave? Giving a thread a title like this is just as bad... I'm glad I wasn't at the concert, I would have been pretty much foaming at the mouth if I'd have seen people behaving so rudely.

I say welldone to B&R for continuing and not walking off stage - must have been so tempting!


Many thanx for you're kind words Miss Marcroft. It was tempting at the interval especially when members of the audience were invadinf the changing rooms. At one point I thought they were going to throw rotten fruit!

Simon Kerwiin

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:shock: I'm absolutely gobsmacked! It is very worrying indeed.

I can only say well done to Brighouse and Ray. That must have been a very shocking and intimidating experience.

Alex K


Sounds like most of B&Rs following still go to their concerts to hear the floral dance...

Wasn't at the concert but it sounded superb, wish I'd been there. Did the audience not even appreciate the near impossible Sinfonia Concertante? Perhaps Alan made it sound too easy!!

Perhaps brass bands just need to lose that working class image. To me it seems like this kind of concert (of which I have done many) is stuck between two different genres - the high brow orchestral and the easy listening sunday afternoon in the park type. Or maybe the problem is just a lack of open minded people who are willing to cross genres for just one evening. It fustrates me because this kind of music really interests me and it seems like I'm going to have to walk away from bands and their audiences if I want to persue this interest.

Congratulations to B&R for daring to attempt to put on such an event, I'm sure it was brilliant.

Those are my thoughts anyway...


All this is nothing new of course. In 1913 during the premiere of Stravinskys Le Sacre du Printemps the theatre was practically torn apart. Beethovens 5th Symphony had a similar if less violent reception as did Schuberts 8th. Although we consider all of the above to be masterworks, the public of the time considered them to be discordant rubbish and probably a complete waste of an evening!!
Funny isn't it. :lol:

Okiedokie of Oz

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Back in high school I attened a local performance of the australian Arts Orchestra when they came through on tour. Attending wee Gladstone's elite, the upper-class, or as I call them, the upper-nosed :wink: Within the first song (which went for 25mins), a lot of the younger ones left. The older, more poilte stayed for the 2nd piece which was 45 mins long followed by intermisison. THIS is when they chose to leave.

The remaining 50 of us stayed, and had an amazaing night because the 2nd half was soooooo much fun!! Not all my tyupe of music, but you could see the effort and enjoyment, and that was somethign to take in on its own.
I don't think I can fully believe what I'm reading on here! What is wrong with you people?!

Top bands like Dyke, B&R etc. have a responsability to commission and play new music. They also have a responsability to make sure that it is introduced and performed in the right way at the right venue, with the right conductor in the right concert. I feel that presentation is key new music in bands.

I also feel that any concert at a University or music college (regardless of who is playing - ie. college band or 'named band' - or in fact any ensemble) should involve progamming that is forward thinking and/or different to the usual kind of music.


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jodilou said:
What a waste of a night!
...if he thought the programme tonight was "wonderful" there is something wrong!
jodilou said:
It was a brilliant concert...
...I'd like to congratulate the Brighouse and Rastrick band for an incredible evening of music of the highest order!
...I myslef love to hear challenging, imaginative and interesting test pieces as they are such a contrast to out 4th section ***** !

:? :? :? Perhaps you should make your mind up what you think before starting a thread next time! :wink: :lol:

I just wish ANY top band would venture south of the Watford gap and put on a programme like that!


Pete Meechan said:
I also feel that any concert at a University or music college (regardless of who is playing - ie. college band or 'named band' - or in fact any ensemble) should involve progamming that is forward thinking and/or different to the usual kind of music.

Yes exactly. I wasn't at the concert so cannot comment on the playing standard, or the audience reactions, such as they were. But I would take my hat off to the band and Ray Farr for doing such an adventurous concert. not many bands would play many pieces of that difficulty in one concert. So in that respect I think we should applaud them for at least putting them all in one concert, however good or bad the playing was.


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I have played for B&R for 8 years now, and have experienced a number of extreme highs and a few lows during that time. Around 2 years ago I actually wanted to leave because I became so bored of playing pieces like Hetty Wainthrop Investigates to white haired old ladies week in week out. That is until I realised that if it wasn’t for this type of concert the band would not exist. Light music has its place, but players who are good enough to play for a big named band (and indeed all players of any level) need to stretch their own ability and concentration at times in order to maintain their own interest.
It is because of this that I enjoyed every moment of playing in last night’s concert, and felt an unbelievable sadness at how rude some people can be. One observation I have, however, is that the people who left so noisily and rudely during the performance are the same people I used to hate playing Hetty Wainthrop to. As far as I understand it the programme had been published for a year and was advertised as contemporary music, so perhaps they should have given this particular concert a miss. The concert was a sell out – but I would have preferred to play that programme to 40 enthusiasts than a full house of people who only want to hear Orange Juice and the Floral Dance. The reaction some gave us is almost as if to tell us what we can and can't play. Our repertoire should not be limited in this way.
I honestly believe that the band have never played to such a high standard on a concert stage as we did last night; much of Contest Music and Aubade were better than the performances we gave at the Europeans, and Masquerade was phenomenal.
One member of the audience I spoke to after the concert timed Alan’s solo at almost 40 minutes. I can’t imagine the ability and stamina needed to perform such a piece, especially after easing through Contest Music as a “warm up”. His standard last night was as good as anything I have ever heard; believe me I’ve heard some good playing in the past.
Although I had nothing to do with the choice of programme, I would never apologise for playing it and again would like to state how much I enjoyed the challenge. I was particularly impressed with the way Mr Farr dealt with the whole situation. There were many people who were absolutely captivated by the entire evening, and for me that makes it worth doing. If the standard of my percussion section can inspire someone to go home and practise then I am one extremely happy man.

Greg Perkin
Brighouse and Rastrick


jodilou said:
right >>> *goes and gets programme!*

contest music - john wilfred heaton
sinfonia concertante - john wilfred heaton (alans solo)

INTEVAL (in which half the audience left!) :D

aubade - torstein aagaard-nilsen
ascendit in coeli - elgar howarth
masquerade - phillip whillby (best 3mins of the night!)

sounds amazing doesnt it ? !

Jo x

But hang on a minute, none of these pieces are particularly challenging to listen to, especially the Heaton works. And you say they didn't even play Elgar Howarths piece, but put in Ravenswood instead? Wilby is well known for dramatic exciting pieces that everyone seems to love at the moment, so I really can't see the problem?????
Did they not put The Floral Dance on as an Encore? Is that it?

Must remember to suggest that for the next NYBB concert...


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Some good points Greg!

Some very fine playing from one and all! Especially well done to Alan-Superb!

Very pleasing that the percussion were an inspiration-we certainly had enough equipment (every instrument the band owns was needed!)

Well done everyone, great show!

Perc B&R


Couldn't believe this thread when I began to read it.
Well Done Brighou!!e for being brave enough to put on a programme like that (one which true brass band lovers would obviously appreciate!).
As for the rest who amazingly walked out...I'm gobsmacked!
They obviously expected a band wearing flat caps playing sousa marches and 5 encores of 'The Floral Dance'!! Thank goodness we've moved on from those days!!
I hope the people who decided to leave last night feel a bit guilty today.
Heather said:
As for the rest who amazingly walked out...I'm gobsmacked!

So am i! i think that is one of the rudest thing a member of the audience could possible do, they could have atleast waited for the interval.


Accidental said:
I just wish ANY top band would venture south of the Watford gap and put on a programme like that!

Here in the Westcountry we also dream of a top band playing the likes of Heaton & Wilby and hearing Alan Morrison on top form.
The boys in "purple" are welcome in our neck of the woods anyday!
Keep the faith Mr Farr- your efforts are appreciated.
Ian Heard.


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Looked like a decent programme to me!
Sounds like the band put on a good show...

I think the people with this poor attitude should be ashamed of themselves.


Just thought id add my thoughts too. I can understand that some of the audience wouldnt like all the pieces from the concert. But if i go to a concert to listen i wouldnt walk out having heard the likes of River Dance (just an example) for the millionth time. Surely the chance to hear somethin new, surprising & exciting would make most music lovers want to listen. Every single person on the planet has their own idea of what music is & that is the main point. Music should make people think, which is actually the result of this concert. Yes people walked out, but even as they left what were they talking about? The Music!

I have to admit it was terrible to see people walking out, but it was also good to see that the people who stayed had enjoyed the concert as an experience.

Also as a member of the band i must say i enjoyed the concert, i personally prefer music that tests your ability. The concentration of the band & professionalism was fantastic. Alan Morrison was awesome, as usual, Steve Miles equally great. In fact, the whole band was fantastic. Even the concussion, er, sorry, the percussion section. (Joke!)

Its great to see so many people saying they wished they had known about the concert & that they would have gone. Come along next year, the programme has already been printed so no excuses for leaving next time. We also like to have a chat & a beer afterwards, even if u want to say you didnt like one piece, but maybe loved another. Thats music!!!

Simon Martindale Bb bass B&R


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I feel very sorry for Brighouse. but at the end of the day 90% of audiences are not regular brass banders. They want a programme of popular easy to listen to music and don't want to be 'challenged'

As a one time secretary of a fourth section band one particular instance comes to mind. A championship section band had played at a particular venue, followed by my band two weeks later. The Championship section band played superbly but their programme was very heavy. Our band, which can best be descibed as 'mediocre' played a very populist programme which went down extremely well despite the standard of playing. On the way out I heard several members of the audience say "That band was a lot better than the ones that played a couple of weeks ago' - Total rubbish, but thats how the two performances were perceived.

It's a difficult job for MDs to balance the programme to suit all tastes but there is no doubt in my mind that most audiences (except one made up of die hard brass banders) would not have enjoyed the Brighouse programme.

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