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We've just got a new CD player and amp, and I'm amazed how much better band cds sound on it - hadn't even realised there was anything wrong with the old one until now!

Make & model: EXPOSURE "2010" CD & amp; EPOS speakers
Sound: crystal clear pp, fat fff with no distortion
Looks: sleek and funky! Brushed steel fronts, blue lights, minimal knobs
V user friendly, including remote control
Price: Average - not the cheapest, but far better IMO than some of the really pricey kit

check out http://www.hifi-stereo.com/expose1.htm
(no, I'm not on commission....I just think its fab!)


I believe the Exposure 2010 CD player has been What Hi-Fi's best buy CD player for some time. Not sure if it still is though.

Don't know about the amp.

Cheers, Greg.


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