Exmouth Festival of Brass.


Here is a list of the fourteen competing bands (and their draw) for the Entertainment Contest at Exmouth`s Pavillion on Saturday 6th September, the Contest kicks off at 1030 and there are also "fringe" concerts outside in the gardens throughout the day.

Bristol East 1

Hatherleigh 7

Hayle 2

Lympstone 14

Phoenix Brass 10

Soundhouse 11

St Austell Yth 4

St Stythians 13

Saltash 12

Sidmouth 8

South Molton 6

Stannary Brass 9

Tiverton 3

Torbay 5

A good day with a nice atmosphere, if anyone`s at a loose end on Saturday why not come along!

Ian Heard
Soundhouse Brass


Here are the results of the Contest-

Best Overall Band - SOUNDHOUSE BRASS.

Best Entertainment- SOUNDHOUSE BRASS.

Best 1st section- Torbay Brass.

Best 2nd section-SOUNDHOUSE BRASS.

Best 3rd section-Bristol East.

Best 4th section-Hayle Town.

Best non-graded-Tiverton Town.

Best youth-St Austell Youth.

Best Soloist-Soprano, St Austell Youth.

Best Percussion- Lympstone South-West Telecoms.

Best Trombone Section-
"Nice"Nick Nye, Ian "Fat Boy" Heard, "Dockyard Dave" Jane......of

Hope these are accurate because I`m slightly less than sober!

Ian Heard

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
yes Ian that looks right to me
What a fantastic day it was too... thanks for inviting me to play (see, told you guys you'd never get rid of me really)... I'm booked in for next year I think already!

see you soon



Roger Thorne said:
It looks like Soundhouse Brass had a good day then - Congratulations

Hi Roger,
Many thanks for your congratulations, we had a fantastic day as the results suggest and it was nice to get our first win since changing our name back in January.
It was also good to give Denzil Stephens (our M.D) a belated 74th Birthday present.......the man`s a legend!
Many thanks also to "our" Naomi and the Leyland Band, she was our "ringer" on percussion for the day and played a right stormer!
Thanks also to the SWBBA for a well run contest played in the right spirit.

Ian Heard.
Soundhouse Brass (Plymouth) Band.

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
aye ;-) I enjoyed that...
Plinked.. Plonked... Banged... Thwacked... rang, lol! :lol:
Throughly enjoyed it... and the band played so well! :D


Hi Steve,
As Naomi says, Hayley is in fine fettle and enjoying her banding again after a short sabbatical.
Thankyou for your congrats. slightly miffed at the British Bandsman this morning for printing Torbay as the winners..... anybody but Torbay! (sorry local rivalry I`m afraid)
How are things with YWD,are you going to Folkestone?
Ian Heard
Soundhouse Brass.


Active Member
No we're skipping it this year since we have most of our corner seats absent (including me :oops: ). We were going to do Aylesbury but they moved it to Feb, so we're working up for Liecester now.

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