Eviction Notice #1

Following the nominations by housemates, trombelle and Sellers_Bird were put up for eviction by their fellow tMPers. The poll ran for nearly two days. BB can now reveal the name of the first housemate to leave the tMP BOC Brother house:

with 57% of the vote, the first evictee is:


Here are the reasons your fellow housemates gave for nominating you:

"All she ever wants to do is party, she rushed and failed the quiz, which meant we could have all had a party, and I feel that she's not taking it too seriously."
"i chose sellers bird as i think shes letting the side down failing the task (lol) i also think shes not contributiong as much to the goup as the rest of them."
"sellers_bird, for repeated violation of the diary room with the possibility of getting us another forfeit. even when we had the "hall outside the diary room"
"sellers bird because failed this weeks task an even though we didn't have to do a group forfeit i feel she let the side down as we haven't fully completed one task, an then there is the constant use of the diary room."
"Sellers_bird as she did the quiz in 10 minutes, and nearly cost the entire group another forfeit."
Sellers_Bird, thank you for taking part in our competition - we hope you've had fun. Please feel free to post a parting message in the BBLB forum.



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