Sold/Expired Ever wondered what the stars 'sound' like?

James McFadyen

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Further to 'Adagio for a Solar Expedition', the second installment of this 'Space-Brass Trilogy' is now available for the same scoring and price of £20.00

This second installment is called 'The Sound of Stars'.

The third and last installment will be published in August called, 'Solar Flare and the Gamma Burst' for the exact same scoring and price as the other 2.

FOR A LIMTED TIME ONLY................

Order 'The Sound of Stars' and we'll give you FLOWER OF SCOTLAND free and the chance to buy 'Adagio for a Solar Expedition' at half price (£10.00)!!

Cummon get those Credit Cards and cheque books out, band will be starting soon, you'll need new music. :lol:

email to order your copy!

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