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As I may have mentioned previously, the Gladstone Municipal Band is a Gladstone City Council-supported organisation. We receive generous financial assistance throughout the years for uniforms, instruments, rates discounts and so forth in exchange for playing at all council functions at no charge.

A large number of our instruments, older Yamahas, are beginning to show large signs of wear, and I have been asked to report to council the condition they are in, with possible options for repair or replacement. As most of us appear to have experienced a wide variety of instruments in our playing days, I am curious to see if anyone has experienced, heard, or has an opinion on the following instruments

YCR 2610 Soprano Cornet in Eb
YCR 733 Bb Cornet
YFH 2310 Flugel Horn
YAH 201 Tenor Horn
YBH 301 Baritone
YEP 321 Euphonium
YSL 641 Tenor Trombone
YSL 352 Tenor Trombone
YEB 321 EEb Bass

I have dated all these instruments by serial numbers to the late 70's, but any information you may have I'll gladly welcome.


On the assumption that the YEB321 is the 4-valves-in-line, non-compensating model, yes, I've played one of those. Lack of compensation becomes an issue, of course, with any parts extending below written G: also the need to finger 4th with the little finger, or else bring the left hand up, with consequent reduced control over the instrument.
I remember it as having a pleasant sound, somewhat lighter than a Sovereign. The construction was rather lightweight, and I'm afraid I inflicted some damage on the instrument due to my incompetent attempts to knock out a dent.
All in all, I would think that to suit today's band sound, it could with advantage be replaced, though I won't go so far as to say with a Sovereign, as I believe there are alternatives on the market - don't Yamaha themselves do a left-hand-4th-valve, compensating model these days?

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It sure does! The Maestro, as first appearances is the spitting image of the Sovereign, with the 4th valve moved, the bell flared more and larger leadpipes to accomodate full size eupho mouthpieces. Prices is similar to the Sovereign too - double the price of the -321.

I dunno if I totally agree with you about the comparisons, but it's an opinion. It is lighter than a Sovereign, soundwise, but thinner too. Also, it isn't capable of playing as nicely in the lower register. So why worry about the non-compensating system, or the position of the fourth valve? It is definately a different physical feel too. Overall, I think it's a damn fine training eupho, which is essentially what it is meant to be.


OK, in fact I was talking about the YEB321 Eb Bass (assuming that was its correct designation) rather than the YEP321 euph, but I expect similar considerations apply.

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woops!!! :oops: sorry!!! It's odd how the euph and tuba has the same designator, isn't it???? But yes similar concepts, although my opinion of the bass is a little higher. When Yamaha released the 5 valve, it made an effort to keep the bass in line with other tubas. It made no effort to incorporate a 5th valve or compensating system for many years on the eupho!


I played the Yamaha horn for a number of years and was very happy with it, would rate it a close second to the Sov, gave a nice clear tone and very good valves (unlike a couple of Sovs I've tried). I found the longer shape easier to hold as well.

I also played about on the Yamaha Euph when I got the chance, much easier to blow and lighter than the Sov but a bit thin on tone, may be better for younger players. Did find four valves in line a bit tricky as well.

In general I would say OK for Yamahas.
sop and Bb cornet

i've played both and i must admit that when i was playing Bb and bought my own instrument a few years ago i tried out the yammy and the besson and the yammy was far better (for me at any rate)

the soprano was very good, in fact i prolly think it's the 2nd best sop i've played on with the Schilke i'm playing at the moment being the best i've played on but it's alot more expensive than the yammy.

hope this helps

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