Eva Cassidy's "OVER THE RAINBOW"

I am currenly being commissioned to arrange Eva Cassidy's version of "Over the Rainbow" (C

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Please don't think I'm being awful but I've put 'no'.
The only reason being my band already has a version of 'Over the Rainbow' .
I have Eva Cassidys CD and 'Over the Rainbow' doesn't really sound any different to any other version of the song.
She is however and fantastic singer but 'Fields Of Gold' to me would be a better choice.
Good Luck anyway.

James McFadyen

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Fields of Gold is a great song, but since it's a commision, I don't really have the choice.

However, to be honest, Eva Cassidy's version is completly differant from every other rendition of it.......Perhaps I may do Fields of Gold, but since this will be an arrangement of an arrangement (like Over the Rainbow), I don't think I want to go through the Copyright palava again, but u never know!

Cheers for ur honesty, Heather!


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Well I said yes, I think that it's a lovely piece, and nothing like the original (some may say worse not me I may add!).

the piano accomp. with solo sounds ace, that'd be cool, I'd definately buy it :D

Ben ;)
Thanks for reminding me of that song. I've just played it to remind myself how good it is - streets ahead of the original.
I must agree it will make a terrific piece and will be a sure fire winner with almost any audience. Just ensure you make a good job of it - its too nice a song to spoil.


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Isn't Ray Farr's arrangement for flugel (as on YBS's cd The Big Picture) based on the Eva Cassidy version? I know that Sonar brass have played a quintet version of it as well.

James McFadyen

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It's a commission, which leaves me no choice. It's Ideal as a Soprano solo and much less ideal for Horn. The original was fine on horn, but with Eva Cassidy's version, it's in an odd(ish) key and the guitar is Capo'd to make it even worse. The horns and baritones team up to provide the arpeggio comp, which cannot be written as it sound in the recording as a ny composer and arranger will testify, arranging music that is written for guitar is exactly that of the piano, it simply cannot be transcribed as is, it would sound drastic as hell.

But, to make all cinfucions clear, this is a commission and I cannot change that, but it really does sound lovely on the Cornet!


I too have just listened through the album, Iam completely captivated by Eva. Not just the voice but the way she lends herself to phrasing and so on. I voted YES, and would definately like to play the final arrangment. I imagine that the finished article will sound very impressive.

Best of Luck

James McFadyen

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Thanks for the support, Blondie!!!! I have tested the first half of the arrangement with Tullis Russell Mills Band and it sound quite delicious indeed, quite gorgeous actually. But the cornet soloist who is commisioning the work from me is asking me to change the key which I don't blame him! However this causes a problem with the accompaniment.....***** typical! :)

James McFadyen

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Some of you are really against the Cornet, aren't you :lol:

Me Too!!! Trumpet is way way better....hehe

But honestly, it sound beautiful on Cornet.......When I've finished and obtained Copyright Approval, you can buy and listen for yourself :lol:

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