Europeans 2004 - congratulations to YBS (again)!

Tony Toon

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The arrangements of the National Anthems (prepared apparently for each country represented) were the work of one of the European delegates and not anything to do with the RSAMD (they just had to play them and those <fanfares>). To think Bryan Allen had managed to keep the students out of the pub too.........

Thought I'd just clear that up just in case anyone wondered. :wink:


I'm also a bit surprised with John Flugel's 'thoughts'. The Co where definately in the top 6. Plenty of risk taking aswell - particularly the solo playing (Sop, Euph & Trom excellent).

A bit dissappointed by the lack of audience reaction to the co as well (compared to the English bands), considering the contest was in Glasgow!

It was worth the admission fee alone just to listen to David Childs in the middle movement of Revelation - awesome :D


Tony Toon said:
Great to hear Willebroek performing so well and in the prizes. Likewise Lyngby, although I could have seen Lyngby/Lucerne positions reversed. For me Lucerne gave two great "performances" at the weekend and their rendition of Revelation IMO bettered those of Fairey's and Cory (I did think Cory were a bit hard done by - but I suspect we've all been in their position at some time or another :( ). Finally, commiserations to Stavanger who occasionally showed what a great band they are, but had a number of moments of inconsistency which ultimately has cost them.

Tony Swainson

The most disturbing act of the weekend has to be Cory's placing on Friday. I thought they were terrific in St. Magnus and I really don't understand how this could have been missed by the judges. There are those that don't like Cory's style, but their performance on Friday was one of great refinement as well as technical brilliance. As for David Childs, he was as good as you could ever hope to hear all weekend. Having said all that, I still thought that YBS just edged it, although them and Cory were miles ahead of the rest on Friday.

To add to the Revelation debate, I thought Fairey's had plenty of good stuff, they are still a great band, but too many of their soloists sounded on edge to me and I thought the later part of the performance fell a bit flat as a result. Cory took a couple of minutes to get going. Some of the opening bass sounds were lumpy and the muted cornet / soprano duet was all over the place. The euphonium duet to the end was some of the best playing I've ever heard though.

Lucerne's Revelation was by far the cleanest of them all although it could be argued that they lack the power and brilliance of Cory or the Glorious sound that Fairey's produce. Their euphonium duet was one of the highlights of the day for me as we heard two fabulous players playing in exactly the same style. Some may not like the band's symphonic style but anyone who can get through Revelation without mistakes deserves a lot of credit. They were very unlucky to be out of the prizes. They had one of the most impressive conductors on show and it's only a matter of time before they make a major impact in this contest.

Well done to the Co who played well on both pieces. Did anyone Scottish really take a break during them? A medical certificate for a (very) weak bladder should be produced to avoid execution!

Loads of great bands all weekend, but right now YBS are the best band I've ever heard.

Kenny Crookston
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One or two have picked up on my comments on Co-op and gone a little deeper with them.

Just to clarify, I thought they played very well and congratulate them on a really excellent result (1 point off the 2nd place band is pretty good!). The simple fact is that on the balance of two pieces, I preferred the performances of Stavanger, Lucerne etc (all who finished lower) more to my personal liking. This is not a criticism of them at all, just down to taste. This is not to say Co-op were not good, they were very good ..but for my taste I preferred some of the playing from other bands.

Another good example is I had the Danish Band (conducted by Ray Farr) down as second bottom but they ended up being placed 5th! I actually think that the bands placed between 3rd and 9th in my placings were all of a very similar standard and would have been difficult to split them down. I thought the same after open last year: Ybs in a different league, 2-6 about the same standard and from their to the bottom 2-3 they standard was as good as each other. Adjudicators have a tough job!
Agreed with some that the Gala Concert was too long with to much time wasted on stage changes ( although the stage crew were excellent ) also a bit irritating when the Awards ceremony compere ( forget his name ) advised they were to be 3 short speeches well done to Markus Bach and the rep from the sponsors. Shame Alan Ramsey didn't heed the advise.

I think you might mean Alan McLaren, President of the SBBA. Think my old man was sneaking in at the back at that point so I don't think he can take the blame for that :D

Martyn Ramsay
Barrhead Band


Apologies to you and your father Martyn Alan Maclaren thats what I meant:oops:



PS: the ''home'' bands certainly had the best of the draw didn't they, even a spot of conspiracy floating about friday night to ensure a good crowd for the name bands..........shocking
Tony Toon said:
I can't end without a word of congratulations also to the Coop. Speaking to folk on Friday night, I felt that their terrific playing in"Magnus" hadn't been fully appreciated. Thank goodness it had been recognised by the those in the box. Also "Dove Descending" surprised but delighted me with it's quality - a great performance of a wonderful piece. I have to say how irritated I was when I spoke to Scots afterwards who hadn't heard Scottish Coop, deciding to take a break instead. :shock: :?: IMO Scottish Coop's 3rd place was very well deserved.Tony Swainson

Thanks so much. I did hear that you were very supportive of the band in the contest.

Kenny I'm sorry to say it but I have an eye witness who saw Scottish people actually leave the hall when we came on stage, (just after Cory played on Saturday). But hey, ho I know that we will never win any popularity contests in Scotland :lol: . How does the song go again :wink: :wink:

We would like to thank the people who did support us, I'm certainly glad that the contest wasn't judged by the clapometer, we would also like to thank and congratulate SBBA on the fantastic European events. The backstage helpers were brilliant and the organisation was very slick. I would also like to give a special thanks to Bryan Allen at the RSAMD who was extremely helpful in the run up to the contest.

The weather was fab too.


Alex :D



Hi I have to confess, although not being a scot, I was guilty of leaving after hearing Cory on the Saturday!!

I have however been told endlessly by everyone that I made a huge mistake as the Co-op performance was one of immense quality

I am hanging my head in shame!!!!!!!

Heard you on the Friday and was very impressed indeed a real quality about the playing.

Please pass on congratulations to everyone at the band and I will listen in Birmingham and the RAH later in the year I promise !!!!

Best Wishes

MD Marlow Band


Kerwintootle said:
Kenny I'm sorry to say it but I have an eye witness who saw Scottish people actually leave the hall when we came on stage, (just after Cory played on Saturday). But hey, ho I know that we will never win any popularity contests in Scotland :lol: . How does the song go again :wink: :wink:

We shouldn't be surprised Alex. Reminds me of the collection of Scottish so-called bandsmen who were spotted cheering wildly before and after one Scottish band's performance (not their own band) at the Albert Hall a couple of years ago, only to sit like a row of tailor's dummies after Whitburn played. Little did they know one of our supporters was sitting right behind them and she gave them a piece of her mind. Maybe they just didn't enjoy our performance, but as I recall the adjudicators did.

Sad people indeed. They should realise that results like the one Co-op had on Saturday actually benefit us all.


PS It's still one of my favourite marches!
Well I was there and stayed in the hall to hear both of the co's performances and I was very proud to be part of the Scottish band scene, just wish I had the a 5th of the talent these players have.

Alex what a sweet sound you made on that sop it gave me goose bumps, well done the co. Why can't we support each other at these events?
Thanks Kenny.

We just have to concentrate on the important matters, play as best as we can. People will always have their own agendas and reasons to dislike.

Never mind, the standard in Scotland is tremendous, maybe people will start to take note.


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I think I was one of the last to leave Glasgow.
Got home to Aberdeen about 11pm last night......went to a Bo-ness rehearsal on my way home.
I stayed on an extra night in Glasgow because I enjoyed myself so much.

Alex I heard both Co-op peformances and I also was proud to be Scottish. Thought the band and you played brilliantly.

Like everyone else I had YBS and Cory neck and neck on the Friday but thought YBS were awesome on Saturday.

Didn't hear the Swiss band play but was impressed with Fairey's Revelation.
To think I nearly nipped out to the loo when they came on.....was so disappointed in their playing on Friday, but boy they played like a different band on the Saturday.
I liked the sound that Willebroek produced.
I personally didn't care for Cory's performance on Saturday and felt they went OTT........ think depending on where you were sitting sometimes it sounded rather your face.

It is after all only a matter of opinion and we,like the adjudicators have different preferences, but in saying that, no way should Cory have been so far down the list.

Anyway don't let it detract from a superb weekend of playing and my heartfelt congrats go out to YBS/DK,the Co-op and SBBA for a brilliant weekend...sorry I only managed a long weekend.

Ta guys and gals for some great playing. :wink:


Wutburn said:
What did people think of NYBBS? Did Horra Staccato come across? I'd like to hear some views please. :D

The NYBBS was good, good Sound... I think it's not so easy to play with a lot of peoples (10 basses, 30 cornet ...). I liked it.


I agree with you (Johnflugel) when you say that it is often dificult to seperate bands. But the only reason i commented on this topic was that i don't think the Co's placing could have anything to do with taste. Most people that i spoke to, definately had them in the top 6, without question.

These wide range of opinions makes banding interesting, especially this forum. I would never have had willebroek 2nd and cory should have been placed.

Maybe it sounds different from inside the box - or is it impossible to remove one's bias when we know who the band is?

Dissapointed to hear that some Scots left when the co. where on :(

Maybe it's just because of the rivalry - i won't support Rangers in Europe - But hey, don't get a chance to anyway :wink:
What did people think of NYBBS? Did Horra Staccato come across? I'd like to hear some views please.

Enjoyed NYBBS a lot on Saturday night. Hora was good especially considering the size of the accompianment!! Would've preferred the cornets lined up right at the front of the stage a la Fairey at 'Champion Brass'. But I thought they were very entertaining. Well done!



Wutburn said:
What did people think of NYBBS? Did Horra Staccato come across? I'd like to hear some views please. :D

NYBBS were great. Slightly too loud in some of the baritone solo accompaniments so it might have been a good idea to cut some of the parts down to one on a stand (or less). That seems to be a common problem with youth bands up here. Other than that I enjoyed their programme a lot.

Hora Staccato was pretty good. Most of the cornet players seemed to handle it quite well, just the tall, dark-haired guy on the left hand side about half-way back seemed to be struggling a bit :twisted:


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