European Weekend


What a weekend!

Loads of great moments, even though a lot of the playing i heard was through the side of the stage door, it was still amazing!

Its not often we up in scotland get a chance to hear such great bands and the fact that your all such nice people was a bonus!

I've made loads of new friends over the weekend, all the people backstage from johnstone band were saying how much they enjoyed the weekend.

Band was a bit of a struggle last night but were going to blackpool on sat so needs must. Say hello if you see me about :D

One of the best moments for me was when i took one of the bands from warm up down to play on the fri night, just as they were about to go on stage they all started hissing really loudly :shock: and then slapping each other on the chest a bit hard! again :shock:

Never seen any pre contest playing rituals like that!

Thanks to all the brill people i met and sorry to those who i dragged onto the dance floor.......



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Can I just say that you lot backstage did a great job. Chatting to you lovely people just prior to going on helped to settle me down certainly...


Just got back an hour ago and just wanted to add congratulations not just to YBS, but to evryone that took part, helped, made us feel very welcome all weekend. even the scottish weather oblidged :D

Think that Williebrook ought to have a mention here amongst the plaudits played well both days.

thanks to everyone involved.



This was my first visit to the European Brass Band Contest and what a weekend of playing it was!!!

YBS, were absolutely outstanding and in my opinion were the winners by a mile. The direction of David King and the playing of the band, was like nothing I have heard before. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing from beginning to the end of the own choice and set test piece!! Everything ran smoothly, so a big thumbs up to the organisers!!

The set test piece was a fantastic commission and right from the first hearing it was a fantastic listen.

Legally or illegal I recorded all performances and have listened to it non-stop!!!

I spoke to David King and Stuart Lingard on the Sunday morning in our hotel and they were obviosuly delighted, when will anyone else win the Europeans or any other band contest for that matter if they continue to put in contest performances like that!?!?!?!

Fantastic contest, fantastic performances and fantastic winners!!!!

Well done to everyone involved!!

Roll on the Masters, Open and Nationals!!!!!!


Although I was not at the Championships, but having read the comments on 4BR, it would appear Cory were a little hard done by. There is always going to be contension with the results of ajudication, and this question is an old chestnut, but we need consistency, because of all the hard work at all levels working up to a contest. :? :?:


Yes, Cory were very hard done by!!!

They deserved second definitely!!!

David Childs playing was immaculate on the set test piece and Revelation.

Adjudication should be done by the audience having Millionaire style key pads to vote for their bands!!!!!

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