European Brass Band Championship - Your predictions?

European BB Championships - Who will win?

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well if Cory win , a big congrats all round....Like I have said , not going to lose any sleep over's only 30 mins in your's not the end of the world....


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Ok, and just to bring us back on topic, here's my prediction:

1. YBS
2. Cory
3. Scottish Co-Op
4. Faireys
5. Stavanger
6. Willebroek


tim said:
2 Cory
3 Fairey FP
4 Scottish Coop
5 Brass Band Berner oberland (wotever there new name is)
6 Willbebrok

Id like to see someone else win this just for a change but if David King can pull of a performance he is capable of it will be fantastic listening for those of you going up to listen and fantastic listenin for those of us who have to get the cd!

eyeyey... their name'is Brass Band Bürgermusik Luzern
and that's not a NEW name!!! :wink:

skillfull brass

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1. Brass Band Normandie
2. Brass Band De Waldsang
3. First Old Boys SeaCat Silver Band
4. Brass Band Gothenburg
5. Brass Band Lyngby Taarbaek
6. Brass Band Willebroek



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I am definitely fancying YBS for another win, I dont think it matters how close Cory have come in the last couple of years cos I cant see YBS being complacent enough to let their standard slip.

1. YBS
2. Cory
3. Faireys
4. Scottish Co-op
5. Stavenger
6. Willebroek

Good luck to all the competing tMpers


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