Euro 2004 Dream Team


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For all you footie fans out there.

Is anybody else going to be entering a team in to The Sun's Dream Team competition for Euro 2004?

If so, I was just thinking that if there are enough entries we could create a tMP Mini League (which I would be happy to set up).

Just a little prelimanary enquiry at the moment but if anyone is interested it's probably best if you PM me first and if there is enough interest I would post instructions on this thread. If not I'll just keep all the prize money to myself :wink: :D :wink: :D


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Im not sure that wed win all the money for it. Youd have to have some wierd selection when theres only 50mil to spend


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Count me in Matt - I did the BBC one this year with a couple of teams - one in particular, Oh Why Did We Sell Them, was full of ex hammers and stayed up for next year in our work mini league - there's a message in there somewhere for terence Brown!

Got your ticket for The match yet?

Guaranteed to be much more interesting that saturday's manu vs The Kings Head XI!

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