Euphonium Recital (free)


Next Recital, No.14, Saturday, May 8th. 12 noon admission free.
St. Mary's Parish Church, Church Street, Slough, Berkshire

Soloist, Charley Brighton with Malcolm Stowell, Piano & Organ.

(Willson 2900 euphonium, except where stated)

Premiere; Dance with Europe, Seth Jervis (U.S.A.)
Movement 2-France, Passapied
Movement 3, Ireland, Celtic Slip Jig

June (Op.37 no.6) Tchaikovsky (Barcarolle from 'The Months')
(with organ accompaniment)
Played on a Besson 3 valve Euphonium, circa 1912.

Chamelion, Pete Peters
(originally for Recorder)
Adapted for euphonium & piano for this recital by the composer.
Played on a Highams 4 valve euphonium, circa 1914.

Rhineland Reverie, Mike Sharp
(originally for Flute)
Played on a Highams 5 valve euphonium, circa 1891.

Premiere; Daydreams, Kenneth D. Friedrich (U.S.A.)
Andante Cantabile

Free parking courtesy of Keywest Ltd. opposite Slough Police Station.

Malcolm wins Mayor's Arts Award 2004 !


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