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Dave Euph

I have a few questions to ask regarding my euphonium mouthpiece. Currently I use a Bach 6.5AL ... about 18 months ago I got it because it was a good size and I could get one with a smaller shank for my trombone.

However, recently I have been looking around with a view to buying a new mouthpiece because the Bach feels a little too small. I was thinking along the lines of a Bach 5 or 5G ... this wouldn't be too much bigger and I'd be able to keep using the Bach series (I quite like the dark tone I can produce with them).

However, when I got my sovereign euphonium last August, it came with a Wick 4.5AL ... which at the time I just dismissed because I had no desire to change mouthpiece. However, I had a go on it recently and found it was fairly easy to use. The sound isn't the same - not worse, just brighter. The thing is, the cup diameter is 5mm greater than my Bach and it is a lot deeper. Would this be a jump to far?

Or, should I consider getting something like an SM4 which I gather is of a similar size to the DW 4.5AL? Ideally I want to get a mouthpiece I can also buy the smaller shank equivalent of for my trombone.

Obviously using the Wick would be useful because it would save a hellova lot because I won't have to buy 2 new mouthpieces, just one.

Any tips would be useful thanks.


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Why don't you try it for a month or so and see how you get on. Only your chops will REALLY be able to tell if you can manage with it.

Dave Euph

Ha ha ... just because you play a bigger mouthpiece on a smaller instrument. ;)

Nah, there just comes a time when you know it's time to move on.

Okiedokie of Oz

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My conductor used to force a mouthpice on us. My eupho compadre and I rebelled, and went out and bought ourselves bigger. I didn't wanna risk going too big so I got the SM3, while John got the SM2.

Catch was, John has a lovely, sonourous upper register, whereas I excel in the lower end.

Problem solved - we switched.

So I say, experiment, have some fun, but do EVERYTHING you'd normally do. You may find you prefer a Perantucci over the VB's and the DW's or SM's

gotta love TLA's dont you?

Dave Euph

SM2s are very big, they seem to be recommended for people aiming for sstrong middle and lower register, apparantly a good mouthpiece to double on tuba for teachers as well. Even Mead uses a smaller mouthpiece than that! :)

I think experimentation will be mainly the key. Thanks


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I certainly wouldnt be swayed by the fact that one option is cheaper than the other or easier to obtain, get your local music shop to get as many in as possible then go and try them ALL. I am a big fan of the Bach's and have been using a 4G for the last few years, it is miles better than a wick for trombones, doubles beautifully on euph and i even got a small shank one for baritone. Anyway, just try as many as you can.


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I really have difficulty in choosing my own mouthpiece, so this thread could help me as well. Although there have been similar ones in the past which i'm sure someone could find for you.
The first thing is to ask WHY you want to change mouthpiece? Sound, articulation etc?
So why do you want to change?
Don't buy one just because it feels "a little small." If the mouthpiece works for you then stick with it, rather than changing it for the wrong reason.

DISCLAIMER: this is my opinion, feel free to disagree if you like! :roll: :wink:

Dave Euph

When I say it feels a little small, I mean it because I am feeling genuinely uncomfortable playing it, much more so than I used to. I know I need a mouthpiece with a wider diameter and deeper cup, but I don't want to sacrifice sound.

The mouthpiece I currently use is fine in terms of how I produce sound, that is why I don't want to change too drastically, but I know I need to change.

Steve21: The last thing I want to do is take price into consideration, but being a student, that is something I will have to think about. Although if my preferred option happens to be the most expensive I'm sure I could find a way around it.

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