Euphonium David Childs & Steve Mead Mouthpieces

Hi, I have a SM4U a SM 4x and a SM3U mouthpiece I have found the SM3U a bit too big for me and recently when I tried a DC3 I found it more comfortable than the SM4U mouthpiece but it "felt" similar in size. I have heard that the DC2 although more in line with the size of an SM3 feels smaller on the face. Have any Euphonium players experience they can share. I did have a DC2 on order but the supplier has Informed me that there is a delay on them at the moment so I have cancelled and may try and obtain a second hand mouthpiece, If you have on for sale PM me please. By the way I find the inner rim on the SM4x a little sharp. Comments and Advice Please.


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The Alliance DC mouthpieces do run a size bigger than the Wick equivalents. So Alliance 2 = Wick 3, Alliance 3 = Wick 4 and so on. If you feel that the SM3 is a bit too big and a SM4 feels to small then the DC2 is worth the try…. In fact in my opinion the DC2 compares the best to the SM3.5. Check for more opinions or advise.

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