Sold/Expired Essential Dyke Volume 4

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Due for release in the next few weeks is the latest in the Essential Dyke Series, Volume 4.
We are aiming to have this ready before the Regionals but you can pre-order your copy now by visiting or telephoning our Mail Order department.
The website also gives the track listing;

Some of our customers have told us that they would like to know about some of our forthcoming releases. We'll be including a few of those on our home page in the coming weeks.

Dave Payn

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Good stuff. I enjoyed Essential Dyke volume 3 for the most part, but the chief reason I bought it was because it contained Suite Gothique, a piece I'll never tire of. Alas, to my ears, (got to be careful here, I know) one particular instrument sticks out a mile and spoils it for me. Also, a distinct lack of togetherness is evident in the opening Chorale. Rest of the tracks on the CD make up for it, though!


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Haven't heard the recording, don't know the details of who plays for Dyke.

Would my guess at the instrument be right?


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