Errata sheet for Les Preludes


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Does anyone have a copy of the errata sheet for Les Preludes? If so send me a PM to arrange getting it to me.

Ta muchly :tup


We at Beaumaris have been waiting for an errata sheet off the publishers since we got the piece (before Christmas!!). There still seems to be loads of mistakes in the score and the parts. Anyone else noticed all these mistakes?!


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There were tonnes of mistakes first time round with this. We have apparently ordered the second edition which has been done with all the mistakes from the original errata sheet corrected. I don't know how good that edition is though. Do you know which edition it is you have? I know the originals we are playing off currently that were used at the Open are full of blatant errors.


I think we've come across a few. Can't give you any specifics of course - I'm just a bass player :wink:


Its not just wrong notes, there are some bars are missing in the score!

I seem to remember at the time it was the Open piece that there was loads of comment on it. Surely there must have been some sort of concensus over errata then?

May be worth looking back at 4BR, BB, BBW etc at that time.

Cant help any more -sorry.



We are playing off a 2nd edition set of parts & score & this is still littered with errata !!!

Including a blatant spelling mistake in the preface of the score.

Good job these contest pieces don't cost much isn't it ?? :oops:

If I was to submit a piece of work to that standard to my employer I would be sacked ... So why do we keep going back to the same arranger/publisher ???? ( I wonder :wink: )


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Interesting I have just put a new posting about reprinting of music.
Check it out...comments would be grateful as I know some publishers come on here.

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