errata sheet for Concerto for band

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hi , after speaking to some one at Kirkless music, i find 3 bars before F (solo cornet) is the A natural or flat , he couldnt answer this one, but again solo cornet part, 2nd bar at L, E in 2nd group of quavers is a FLAT and so other E's in that bar and 3rd bar of L the first F is natural and not flat ,upper and lower part sould be same F Natural.

hope this a help to others, i also heard timp parts toward end have wrong bars rest,

perhaps pubilshers should issue lists of errors when there is a major contest coming up.


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A few in my part:

3 and 4 bars before B, Bbs should be Bbbs.
In the cadenzas, there's a paused rest bar missing before the Trom cadenza.
In the 7/4 on the last page, there's an Eb that should be an Fb.
Missing cresc a couple of bars before K.

Can't think of any more off the top of my head.


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