Equipment Audits?

Di B

Hi all,

Have heard that some bands are currently getting people going to inspect their instruments and kit if they have had a national lottery grant in the past.

I have also heard that some bands cannot account for equipment purchased with lottery funds for one reason or another.

I don't know how accurate my facts above are (apologies if I am incorrect!) but has anyone had a visit before? If so, what happens? What would happen to a band who could not account for the equipment they purchased from the lottery?

Would they be as concerned if one item was missing as opposed to all equipment? Would they be concerned about the condition of the instruments (surely wear and tear is allowed)?

Never heard of this sort of thing before so I thought I'd ask you lot!

Not sure how 'new' this is, but if you have had a lottery grant and haven't heard about this audit I would check your equipment list just in case (we have!!) :)


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As far as I can remember, the terms of the Lottery/Arts Council grant stated that a band had to retain ownership of all instruments/equipment bought with the grant for a set length of time, had to be able to account for everythings' whereabouts at any given time, and could be audited. Given the amount of cash involved it seems fair!

Have you tried contacting the arts council direct for more info? Carole Hirst c/o BBW has loads of info about grants too.

Di B

I'm not overly bothered - I just wondered what would happen to a band if they couldn't account for items? Think of how many bands are now defunct that had lottery money for example?

Also, it was to post a reminder I guess to bands who had a lottery handout to make sure that they know where their purchases are! :wink:

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