Endorsement needed for uniform manufacturers.

Chaps and chapess'

Our band has just finished raising the huge amount of money needed to buy some very over due new uniforms.

We had been hoping to have these supplied by R J Handley but unfortunately they are unable to produce them before our deadline.

I have today been in touch with a company called Alexander James who say they can produce the same level of quality and service as Handley's and deliver the uniforms on time - which is a bonus.

Unfortunately I know very little about the company and wondered if anybody out there had come across them/used them as their uniform suppliers before? I'm also open to any suggestions people may have of reputable suppliers they have used in the past.


Portishead Town Band (Bristol)

BIG Paul

Just bought some extra jackets from them as previous supplier did not want to do small quantities. Did have to push for delivery on time as person who took order did not relay the fact that we needed them for whit friday. new jackets were delivered to my home address on the day required (panic over) quality appears to be good but only time will tell. any more you can pm me.

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