Ellerby Horn Concerto


For my A2 Music next year, i need to buy a copy of Martin Ellerbys Horn Concerto for full band and soloist, the only problem is been a poor student 8) i cant really afford it, as i havn't found it for less than £55 yet! and was wondering if anyone knew where i could get it cheaper, or anyone who would like to buy it off me as i am only studying the parts not playing them so they will still be in good condition afterwards :D


Surely a score is all you require? If it's anything like what I've (just) done then a score is all you'll need (I looked at Paganini Variations).
Is it this performace investigation thingy you're doing? Or something else?


Im not sure, i spose i could just use the score :D , didnt really think of that...in that case, anyone know where i can get just a score from ?
Its a written report for A2 music on two concertos one recent n one from 1700-1850 :)


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Rach, got some good news for you and other budget-restricted horn solo addicts (or am i the only one?!), this week Studio Music have brought out the piano version at the bargain price of £12.

Didnt want to spend £55 to find I can't play it but now theres a cheaper option, if I can play it then I'll get the band to pay for the full version ;)

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