Elisha Grove. Yorkshire Main Band


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Hi friends
My grandad played for the Yorkshire Main colliery band. In the 1920's they won twice in the Manchester Bellvue championships.the same year. July 15th and Sept 6th anyone know which year in the 20's this was? He played a cornet and fugal horn. Have photo showing wooden shield with medalions on, and four silver cups.
He also played with the St Johns Ambulance Band. Does anyone know of him? Other bandsmen were a Mr Dyson and Mr Allsop, they of course lived in Edlington South Yorks.
It was said that he was presented with a cornet gained whilst at Crystal Palace London. This instrument was stolen, believe it or not on the day of his funeral. His case was found with a pair of football boots in it. Not funny. Some of his music was seen being used by a bandsman in the Crook Lancashire band much later on, by my uncle Stan who also played the Horn in that band. Approx date of birth and death of my Grandad Grove would be 1883 and 1929 respectively. I am told the prize was for being best cornet player of the day, that is at the Crystal Palace period.
Please can anyone out there help /