Sold/Expired Edwards Trombone For Sale!!!


Im selling an Edwards (Getzen) Trombone. It is fitted with a detatchable Rose Gold bell (319), A standard slide (the same as a Bach Lightweight slide) and has Rose Gold Tuning Slide. The instrument also has an F section with the Thayer Valve and a counter weight if you want it.

This is a great instrument for playing in a band or orchestra. Its also reat for solo playing due to its very easy blowing. This instrument is also fabulous for a young player as you can buy different bells and components as you develop. the instrument can literally develop with you!!!! I used this at Brighouse the whole time I was there and did audutions for various orchestras on it. I actually got my job in Portugal playing on this instrument. Its a fab trombone.

These instruments are notoriously expensive due to the fact that they are all custom made. This instrument is a pretty standard set up as you would find if you went by appointment to THE VALVE to buy one. The difference is this one wont cost £2700!!!

If your interested please email me or leave a message on this forum.

Thanks very much. :D

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