Sold/Expired Edwards Bb/F Tenor Trombone. Lovely instrument.


This is an Edwards custom made trombone by Getzen.

-The instrument features an 8.5 inch Red Brass Bell, (cf319). (This is a medeum thin high copper content bell. Designed to give a dark sound with a high responsiveness. It does just that.)
-The trombone has a standard slide. (which is the same as a Bach lightweight).
-Thayer F valve with open wrap section. This is the main feature of the trombone. The instrument was the first to feature this design of valve, and the instrument was designed around it. It is a great system.
-Rose Brass Tuning Slide.(this gives a slightly warmer sound than the yellow brass equivilant)
-The instrument comes with three copper leadpipes.

These trombones are fantastic for brass band, orchestral or solo use. They are unique because for relatively little money the instrument can literally develop or change as the player requires. Different bells, lead pipes, slide and even a straight section can be purchased in the uk with ease.

This instrument is a great set up, which i found after about 6 years of playing in the instruments. It is perfect for any player who wants to play in all kinds of ensemble and as a soloist. It is the instrument i used while playing at brighouse and is exacly the same as the one the band bought for me while i was there.

These instruments retail at 2500. This is a great oppourtuity to own one for alot less.

If you are interested in this instrument please reply here or email me at


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