Economies in the brass world


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Rolf Harris: A boy had a toy

Elton John: Goodbye, Yellow Brick

The Beatles: Yellow Dinghy

Boney M: By the River of Bradford


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Some more BB classics:

Labour and Lunch

Life Devoid

Moorside Sofa

Journey into Frodsham

and from the SA repertoire:

My Strength, My Bungalow



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All That Easy Listening
Packeta Mini-Smarties
Onward Christian Home Guard
Ty Goch
Barnard Caravan
Entry of The Gladioli
Coot Lake
Those Magnificent Men on Their Bicycles
London Canal
Dave Payn said:
Bach: Sheep May Safely Blaze (credit to Peter Schickele - alias PDQ Bach for that one)

...and for this one:

Copland...err...PDQ Bach: Fanfare for the Common Cold

This thread is reminiscent of Victor Borge's "Inflationary Language" which, for the purposes of this thread, might be revised to "Deflationary Language."

To wit:

Two Coins in the Fountain

S'Zero-derful (Gershwin)

Isaiah 39 (Robert Redhead)

Trisnine Encounters (Ellerby)



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This one's for Wiganers:
Eric Coates - The Rose Bridge March
R. Vaughan Williams - A Duckpond Symphony
R. Strauss - A Toblerone Symphony


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Ha'penny Lane - The Beatles
Ferry 'cross the Dougie - Freddy and the Dreamers
Bridlington - Queen
West Side Paragraph - Bernstein


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Handel's Shower Music
March from Shostakovich's Jazz Piece
Dance Sniffle (Dance Fever)
Somewhere under the Rainbow
Rusalka's Whistle at the Torch
Half Day Closing (Open All Hours)
Lil Part-time Lover
I Was Mildly Pleased (I Was Glad - subtle plug!!!)
I will follow him (providing he gives me the bus fare)
Skye Canoe Song
Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Sand Pit

Rach x


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The A person

The Not-so-great escape

Paganini Variation

Variation on Carnival de Manchester

There is a green twig just down there

The 6th of Maybe

Man of Harle(ch)m


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Gilbert & Sullivan: I'm not waiting any longer, or Bunthorne's Maid of Honour

Gilbert & Sullivan: A wandering chocolate drop

Mussorgsky: Graffito on the wall

Bernstein: An episode from "In the village"

George Hespe: A musketeer

Howarth: Roman Candle

Dave Payn

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Jim Parker: A Londoner in New Malden
Philip Sparke: Between Brazil and Mexico
Joseph Horovitz: Tap Dance for Band
John Ireland: Alternative Comedy Overture
Denis Wright: The S*ite Rider
William Rimmer: The Cassock
William Rimmer: Balsawood
Geo. Allan: Simon Templar
JP Sousa: Hands Across the Stream

Anderson & Ulvaeus: Draughts
Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmuzak
Barber: Adagio for String
Saint-Saens: (from Carnival of the Animal); The Duck
William Walton: Touch Her Soft Lips and Fart


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Prokofiev: Peter & the dachshund

Nellie the Tapir

Graham: Windows of the Lounge

Simpson: Lethargy :shock:


All of the following by Philip Wilby
...Goose Dropping
Show and Tell (Symphony for Double Brass)
Lowry Doodles


Dave Payn

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ted said:
All of the following by Philip Wilby
...Goose Dropping
Show and Tell (Symphony for Double Brass)
Lowry Doodles


Shouldn't that be Philip 'Won't'by?.... :lol:


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Another Peter Graham classic, Essence of Egg Timer

Blackpool Pleasure Beach (English Heritage)

Bohemian Minuet

Puddles (the new Oceans)

Rach x

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