Echo cornets

I've always wondered what an echo cornet was! It looks fantastic - can't wait to get onto a pc where I'll be able to hear it. I'm so impressed you built your own instrument, I think I'd be limited to making my own Hosaphone(TM) :wink:

Ummm... no idea about what else you can play on one, though. Sorry :(

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
Dont know about other pieces for the echo cornet, but I have one and it's a gem of an instrument... :D No doubt I'll be writing a new piece for it in the not too distant future

My teacher has one of them sovreign echo cornets, they're nice, and they eliminate the need for cumbersome mutes if you blow to the right effect with the 4th valve down


The torstein aagard nielsen cornet concerto has a section for echo cornet but its a beast of a piece so u'll hav to be pretty superb to play it!!!

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