Sold/Expired Ebay: 7 more carded Brass Band classic sets of Sheet Music


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We've put 7 more carded double sided sets of Brass Band Music up on eBay.
Previews of the solo cornet part are available for all of them, as well as
details of exactly which parts are present.

All of the auctions are 10 day auctions this time, and bidding starts at
only 50 pence.

Payment by PayPal is preferred, and we'll ship anywhere. Shipping weights
are included this time because the pieces are heavier than usual, and will
allow you to see approximate shipping prices at the royal mail website

Tutti Cornet
Cottenham Brass Band

Brass Band Music - 2 Quick Marches/Jubb/Sharp
Athletic and Caravan
Ends 01-Mar-04 19:45:29 GMT

Brass Band Music -2 Quick Marches
"Round the Town" and "Royal Escort"
Ends 01-Mar-04 19:49:30 GMT

Brass Band Music -2 Sacred Quick Steps
"Bringing in the Sheaves" and "St George"
Ends 01-Mar-04 19:51:53 GMT

Brass Band Music - Revival Hymns&Day of Rest
"Day of Rest" and Grand Sacred Selection "Alexander's Revival Hymns"
Ends 01-Mar-04 19:54:30 GMT

Brass Band Music - Minstrel & Patsy Flannagan
Fantasia "Minstrel Songs" and Humoresque "Patsy Flannagan's Party"
Ends 01-Mar-04 20:05:04 GMT

Brass Band Music - Sacred Sel'n & Aire Varie
Sacred Selection "The Gospel Trumpet" and Air Varie "Rockingham"
Ends 01-Mar-04 20:07:22 GMT

Brass Band Music - 2 Sacred Fantasia's
"Alexanders Gems" and "Golden Gates"
Ends 01-Mar-04 20:09:28 GMT

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