Eb Soprano cornet - last seen at Butlins 2011


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Instrument: Soprano Cornet
Make: Shilke (with beryllium bell)
Serial Number: 43853
Finish: Silver plated

Instrument case description: Black Leather gig bag
Distinguishing marks: Heavy plating wear around hand positions, gold plated slides and valve tops and bottoms.
Last known location: Bar Rosso, Butlins camp
Last seen on: 22nd Jan 2011 (Evening)
Other items with instrument: Vincent Bach 10 1/2 EW mouthpiece, Fibre straight mute, fibre cup mute, tin straight mute, harmon mute and silent brass system

Other details:
The instrument was left with two uniforms which were handed in to the bar but the instrument wasn't. There is a reward available to anyone who can locate the instrument.

Please contact a member of the tMP team if you can help.


For the tMP team.
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Added serial number and further distingushing features to description above. Just to repeat, any information would be very welcome. Please contact a member of the tMP team.