Easingwold Results

March on the stage
1st. BHK (UK) Horden 188 (Wilf Beddell)
2nd Marsden 187 (T.B.A.)
3rd Dobcross 186 (Dennis Hadfield)
4th Fishburn 183 (T.B.A.)
Best Basses on the Stage Fishburn
Sectional Awards
Best Second Section Band Wansbeck Ashington 179 (N. Stedman)
Best Third Section Slaithwaite 175 (Barry Hudson)
Best Fourth Section Gawthorpe Brass (Derek Hoyle)

Music Adjudicator Duncan Beckley

Deportment Contest
1st Dobcross Silver
2nd Marsden Silver
3rd Holme Silver
4th Fishburn
Best Trombones on the march Fishburn

Deportment Adjudicator Mr C Hardy

Overall winner (Highest aggregate points) TIE

Two bands Dobcross and Marsden tied for the overall winners title.
The prize was awarded to Marsden as they scored the higher marks in the Contest March on stage.

Musical Adjudicator Mr Duncan Beckley.

Special thanks must be given to our Deportment Adjudicator Mr Colin Hardy.
The adjudicator that should have been there did not arrive on time, so at the last minute Colin (who was hoping to have a quiet night out listening with his wife) stepped in to the breach at short notice.

Details of every band will appear on www.yhbba.co.uk sometime Sun Evening (2 am is not the time to start looking at lists of numbers).

Adjudicators comments on tMP Band are my next posting.


Congratulations to one and all who made this a very enjoyable night. It was Dobcross bands debut at the contest and we had a grand day out. Thanks to every one who gave us a cheer as we marched around the square. Shame about the weather though. Well done to tMP.com band. SOunded alright from where I was stood. Also well done to my friends at the BHK(UK) Horden band for a terrific result on the march. I didnt get to hear you im afraid as we were getting ready to come back for a few liquid refreshments but belive you played very well.


Well done Marsden!!!!! Sounded class. Mr Hobbins seems to have taken to conducting rather well.

Well done lads

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