Durham League Results


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Horden won section B and also got best Euphonium player.

Another triumph for the mighty BHK UK Limited Horden Band!

Well done lads and lassies
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


congratulations to the guys at hordens.

still don't know where we got placed so if any 1 knows where easington colliery band were placed (section B) it wud b much appreciated!


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Sorry I don't know. I just got a message from ( very drunken I presume) boyfriend telling me they'd won. Sorry I can't be of more help!!!
Well done though!


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tim said:
Top 4 were:

Gateshead Brass
Spenymoor (I think)
Easington Colliery Band :)

Congrats Easington! I'm sure a certain Mr Twist will agree with me when I say its great to see the band on the way back up. Stuart is great MD and if this result is anything to go by, you should be full of confidence going to the Dolphin Centre!


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Top Section

Just like to mention the Championship Section at Spennymoor which was a little devalued because Gateshead Brass and Horden were playing with the minnows in Section B and Ever Ready chose not to compete. :cry:

Contratulations to Fishburn who won as expected, with Broughtons Band coming 2nd. It was fantastic result for Broughtons who came within a whisker of withdrawing from the contest after losing most of their bass section and also been shy of a sop and 2nd trombone early in the new year. Congratulation to Broughtons new conductor John Bell who was making his contest debut with the band and deserves a pat on the back for the work he put in. 8)

Peterlee band who normally compete in the seconds section were a surprise but worthy third place. The big shock was Chester-le-Street Riverside Band finishing outside the first 3 but at least they ran me a close second in the drinking. Thank you Martin and Jeff for a good night :lol:


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I thought it was a decent contest this year, although from form and quality of some bands, you somehow knew who was going to win in most sections.

Just one comment, I wonder what the adjudicator was doing while Chester-le-Street Riverside were playing? Although I only heard the first two bands play, i thought there performance had class and was a very clean, well played performance... definately NOT a performance that reflected the placing!

But thats just my opinion... well done to the winners and bring on the areas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Top Section

Wonky_Baton said:
Contratulations to Fishburn who won as expected

Thanks for the mention Wonky, but didn't you have us 2nd on the Armchair Adjudication?!? ;) Tut tut :lol: Well done on what I'm sure was a very well deserved 2nd place. I played under John Bell at Murton (back in the day), he certainly knows his stuff, and I'm sure that with him at the helm the band will go from strength to strength!


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Thanks for the mention Wonky, but didn't you have us 2nd on the Armchair Adjudication?!?

Yeah that is true but I did say won as expected and not won as I expected. :D Subtle difference. 8)

I was told that Riverside were playing out of their skins and with the Ian Robinson conducting it was interesting to say the least. Thought Riverside could get out of their recent slump but it wasn't to be!! Wish I had plumped for Fishburn and Broughtons and I would have won the pencil!! :)

Only heard Greggs and Riverside and missed all other performences and results. Greggs had a touch of nerves and most of their soloists had a mare. Too many cheese pasties maybe:) Riversides performance was much better but maybe a lack of balance in certain section and a different style cornet cadenza cost them dear!! Only the remarks will give a clue but theirs certainly wasn't a bad performance!! I like adjudicator Colin Hardy and he normally gets it right in my eyes.

Tristan Encounters will be much tougher with a much stronger field. Congratulations to Fishburn and good luck at the Areas!!

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