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After day of fun, frolics, rain, sore feet and plenty of beer in Durham, the photos that my mam and dad took from outside the County Hotel are now online. Luckily they got there really early (a result of having to drop my sister and myself at various places in County Durham at utterly unsociable times) and managed to get photos of quite a few bands and banners (including Ever Ready dancing!).

Apologies for the fact that I appear in more than my fair share, as do Westoe whom my sister plays for.

To see the pics go here.

The entry email address is colharding83 AT hotmail.com
The password is "themouthpiece"

Sorry about the faff to get in but it took me ages to upload them only to find that i couldn't make them available generally without a password! :roll:

On the whole I had a great day out with Gateshead Brass capped nicely by watching a drunk bloke trying and failing to steal a bicycle whilst we hurled abuse and summoned the Police. Alas the post Durham Day Durham Drinking Fest never materialised as we missed the bus into town, but by 11.30pm I was asleep anyway!

Saw several Tmpers. Which was nice.


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Some canny photo's Colin, i'm totally gutted i didn't do big meeting this year :cry: will have to make up for it next year...on the plus side at least i didn't get wet!


Great photo's and what a top day. It has to be the best day of the year for me. Shame it was wet this time.

There are a few Photo's of the day under the gala section on this website. the images take a while to load.


i will appologies now for the fact that im on a few.

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