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Anyone know if there are any official 'on stage' photos from Dundee at the weekend? I thought I spotted a guy hanging over the balcony taking them (at least I assumed he was a photographer cos I didn't think Eric Ball would drive average members of the audience to that sort of thing!) Might it be the same guy who does the Areas? I've no idea who that is either but know that someone does take them cos I've seen some of the photos.
P.S. Anyone know who i would contact to buy a copy of the Finals programme before all the spares get chucked out??

Roger Thorne

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Here's the photographer's details from Torquay last year. I think he does quite a few of the bigger contest's so he might have been at Dundee.

R & P Photographic Services
Norwick House, The Court, Crowcombe, Taunton, Somerset TA4 4AD
Telephone/Fax: 01984 618355



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I'm 100% sure that the person taking photographs on the balcony, was a photographer from "Umbrella Photography." I don't know any details about the company- address etc, but I am 10000000000000000% sure that it's Umbrella who were taking the photos.


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Yup found it, it's "www.umbrellaphotography.co.uk". I recognised the guy at the finals, and the logo on the site. So I definately am 10000000000% sure it's him.
Hope this helps,


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I found the Umbrella website last week but couldn't see any info about Dundee so I emailed them. No reply yet..... Anyone else had any luck?


the guy from umbrella was working for the bandsman so if you have no joy off his website which is normal, ring Nikki or Tabby who should be able to sort you out with the prints.

J.C :D

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