Dumb question?


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Reading these threads i notice that some people post in there reply what someone has put before, normally appearing in a little box with So and SO wrote above it in big letters.
How do you actually put those in to ure reply to a thread?


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Click on this button:
that appears on the post you wish to quote!

Will the Sec

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"There is no such thing as a dumb question; such is merely a thirst for knowledge."

A noble sentiment, though I did get a fortnight's detention for being cheeky :D


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Ill have you know im not a percussionist. Just cause i managed to whack a few drums doesnt make me instant percussion material.


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Nuke said:
dyl said:
Click on this button: that appears on the post you wish to quote![/quote

Look at that it works. Cheers very mucho

maybe not

You just missed the ] after the [/quote
If that makes sense :wink:
Would have worked fine otherwise

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