Duets for soprano and cornet (with Piano accompaniment)????


Has anybody got any suggestions for a duet for sopano and b flat cornet which has Piano accompaniment??


Nadia said:
has pie jesu been done with piano accomp?
Yea we've played an arrangement of this. works well. Also played flower duet and two of the tops. just looking for others as we play these over and over again.
Got two works for euph duet and piano that would work as easily for your instrumentation. Indian Point Rhapsody is a five movement work (timed at over 15:00). Let Me Stand is a nice lyrical work. A contest piece for solo and ensemble a couple of years back. Let me know if these interest you. Thanks.

Kenneth D. Friedrich


New Member
Any other ideas for me and Aj?? Weve got a solo contest next weekend so it will be our last time playing Two of the tops. and WE NEED ANOTHER 1!

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