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We're off to Dublin next week for a 5 day stay. Anyone got any suggestions as to places we can go, pubs we can visit or restaurants we can try out.

And what about evening entertainment - anywhere special we should look out for?



Jameson's distillary (if you drink). They don't actually make the stuff there any more, but its a good visitor centre - even better if you manage to be one of the "volunteers" at the beginning :eek:

Kilmaneham (sp?) Goal is another good visit (its also walking distance from the distillary!)

Have fun.

I went there for New Year, it was really good. We spent most of our time in Temple Bar, loads of pubs and restaurants. But we found you couldn't go anywhere for sit down food after about 11, was very weird!

Edit: We also walked to the Guiness Brewery but didn't get out of bed in time so we couldnt get in! (It was New Years day though!) I bet it's good in there.


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As NeilW has said Jamesons distillery is a good place to spend an afternoon or so. Also get a ticket for one of the tour buses - you can jump on and off these at any stop around the route and its a great way to see the city. The bus drivers are also pretty entertaining - they give a guided tour and might even serenade you.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in the Temple Bar area, but it does get busy and can be expensive. This place is worth a visit, although its a little touristy and pricey the food and atmosphere are great. You will most likely have to book though, and you may end up being sat on a larger table of strangers.

As has been said Kepps has local knowledge - it would be well worth asking him.

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I stayed in the Morgan Hotel in Temple Bar when I went there for my 40th - Great Hotel and so close for eating and drinking - Thunder Road is a typical American style eatery but food is good.

You must visit Kilmainham Jail - the prison scenes of the Orginal (and best) Italian Job were filmed there. Guinness Storehouse and Jamesons Distillary are always worth a visit. Also, get on one of the Guide Friday buses and take the tour (hop on and off wherever you please) it's a great way to see the city and if you get a good guide very entertaining as well.


Being so close to Dublin here in North Wales, we do venture a lot to Dublin for the day!

A super pub you must visit is McDaids which is just off Grafton Street, one of the nicest pints of Guinness in the city (in my opinion!). Another good one with a lot of traditional Irish music would be O'Donoghues (spelling?!) which is very close to St Stephens Green I think!

For nightly entertainment, a good place would be The Lower Deck which is in Portabello Harbour, Patsy Watchorn is the resident saturday night entertainment, he is very good even though some of the language can get a bit rude later on in the night!

A super city with super pubs!


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Great suggestions people thanks very much.

We're staying just down the road from St Stephens Green overlooking the univerisity.

The Jamesons distillery is a definite - I like the sound of spending a day in a whiskey factory :D

And I've heard a lot about Grafton Street too so we'll defintely be making a trip there.

Thanks again.

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