Drunk Practice...................

Have you ever been really drunk at a band rehersal?

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Ok, in relation to posts in the rugby world cup thread I have to ask the question............

How drunk have you been at a rehearsal? :shock: :shock:

As dear satchmo announced to the world at our rehearsal today for the leicester contest tomorrow I turned up rather late ( :oops: ) and well ummm rather p***ed (had had 4 1/2 pints down pub - starting at 8.30am!!) and then had another pint during rehearsal!!! :lol: :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness
Thanks to Emma for pointing out where I was meant to be!!! I actually played my tricky running triplet quavers probably the best I have - doh!!

Anyway I wait with anticipation to hear from anyone who has beaten me................................


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no, i wouldn't be that unprofessional...

i've been drunk in concert though! In fact the band I was playing for had annoyed me enough I was drinking cider during the performance!

satchmo shaz

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I've seen someone carried on and off the stage at Skeggy camp one year....... could'nt walk, never played a wrong note ......astounding!!........ mind you Sammy t wont bad either!!... s'pose its my fault calling a rehearsal at 11 am.......... mind you we had a full rehearsal apart from 3 people at work....... thats dedication!! or rather they kept nipping downstairs in the club for the latest!!


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Never done a rehearsal drink but I have done quite a few jazz band gigs after a pint or 6. One Jazz band I played with even had a standing order at the bar, at the nod from the band leader, the barmaid would serve the pre ordered drinks to us on stage :D


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Never been to a rehearsal drunk, but once did a dronfield xmas concert after a "few". Never again.

But it was Sheffield Uni Union Xmas Day. Drinks offers all day, the bar's so busy you do rounds of whole crates!! I was being retrained with this concert in mind and i had sobered up slightly when it was concert time.


I have turned up at a saturday night pontins rehearsal not entirely sober, but it was my birthday and I was by no means the worst!!! Concerts on the other hand, well I do play for a Bavarian band!!! :D :D :D


When it was my 30th birthday I foolishly went to band rehearsal. I was playing for Eagley Band at the time.
I walked in the pub where we rehearsed to be greeted by loads of 'Happy Birthday' posters and 2 halves of cider to drink before rehearsal! I drank these and then another one and then I was given a lager to drink IN rehearsal!
I was well under the influence before we even blew a note!
I don't rememer much of the rehearsal that night (surprisingly!!) but I do remember a feeling of not giving a **!* whether I played the right notes or not!!
Wouldn't mind that feeling again!


I don't feel so bad now (cheers for the comments shaz!), I have never been drunk for a concert though! :D
It was definetly a one off and if shaz will call a rehearsal just after the final of the world cup final where Engalnd won (just incase you missed it) then I will be a bit worse for wear!!
Rugby is my second love after band so there we go - brought up with two drinking hobbies - Excellent!
Amazing the number of people at band today who were suprised that I was not drinking - I was driving though :lol: :shock: :oops:


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you should try Young Ambassadors Brass Band of Great Britain (YABB :D)
I've never played a concert sober with them... and something tells me that many of the other members havn't either!!!

Big Fella

When I was younger and much more foolish than I am now, we used to arrive at Pontin's at 11am on the Friday morning and drink all day..
Than one year we forgot our contest was Saturday Morning, we drew band 2, and half of the band, were still very much under the influence of the day before's socialsing liquid..

Done concerts, were arrived sober and gone home drunk, drank all the way through...


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Never at rehearsal (unless effects of night before, perhaps :) )

We used to do a beer festival every year, first half sober, second half...er.....not. And there was the posh dinner where we were only supposed to do one spot, then there was a free bar, and...oh, can you do another half hour? Yeshh, shhnoo problem!
Note: This kind of thing only works if the audience are suitably imbibed also!
Our best performance at Whit Friday this year was after a break at Uppermill for a pint or two (it's always busy, you see..... :) ), perhaps it settles the nerves a bit?
You're sooo not alone. I have done many 'professional' engagemets with big name bands and orchestras and there have been several occaisions when players have been unable to play due to intoxication. (All shall remain nameless!)

Okiedokie of Oz

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My bass trombonist functions best when inebriated. Last Christmas, he scored funding from the council at the post-carol drinkies with the Mayor, and then, during the World cup in Brisbane, he found a new flugel player (from our town, which is 6 hrs north of Brissie) at the post-game drinks.
geordiecolin said:
Never been to a rehearsal drunk, but once did a dronfield xmas concert after a "few".

a few??? u'r havin a laugh we couldnt keep ya on the stage!!

remember just tellin ya to sit still and dont speak - to anyone. :roll:

James McFadyen

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I was drunk at a rehearsal with the Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra - it really isn't a good Idea to be playing Lead Trumpet at the time - you tend to get found out.

The thing about FYJO is that it's a council-backed organisation and there are strict rules and regulations, not to mention there were some young kids in the next room! And being the only drunk one in rehearsal, it wasn't all that fun, plus my top notes started to go funny - funny that!

More recently, my sisters 21st Birthday party was on the night before the armistace parade, I managed (somehow) to get to my bed at 7:00am and was back up at 9:30am to play out in the cold (and then in the church - it was then the hangover started to kick in) Although I actually played really well that day! mmm

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