Drumathon - outrageous fundraising ideas?

Just want to congratulate our percussionist, Steve Beynon (15) who has just completed a 12 hour drumathon in order to raise money for the Bands’ (Lanner and District Silver Band) trip to Dundee for the finals. – WELL DONE STEVE and THANKS from us all. :lol:

Well done also to Steve’s dad, John who was there all day with him who managed to complete a 12 hour drinkathon :oops: as the event was being held in the gardens of the local pub – The Coppice Inn. Lets hope they’ll both be fit for tomorrow as the band has both an afternoon and evening concert at Padstow!!

What’s the most outrageous thing bands are doing to raise the funds to get them to the finals – or anywhere else come to that?


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Well done Steve!!!! :tup :tup :tup :tup

Hope you do excellently at the finals!! Blimmin' long trip though!! :D

Have a good time!



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The most ourageous thing my band ever did was to do a sponsered swin in the North Sea on New years day. The other thing we did was go round the streets playing hymn tunes every sunday morning for a month. (It wasn't the playin that was outrageous it was expecting us to get up before midday on a Sunday)

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