Dronfield Band Germany concert tour

Lots of socialising and boozing... and the odd concert

monday 14/6/04 to monday 21/6/04

players £99, non-players £125

ONLY four places remaining!!!

pm me or call Keith Arrowsmith on 01246 204699 (evenings) or 07786748475

Cracking time guarenteed, book your place now! :D


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Should be a great trip, if its anything like the time when Sindelfingen's band came over here. Can't go myself, but at least 3 tmpers are (I'm not a manc, Sunny Jimbob, and Tara).


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Heheh! Memories of a week of solid lock-ins if i remember rightly. Sounds like a good trip Dronfield have got planned

Di B

I did really want to go but with things changing at work now, I can't! :cry:

I do however think it will be a great weekend for those not currently changing jobs! :lol:

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