drinks to celebrate new years eve


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I came across this whilst searching for interesting vodka recipes :roll:

"I make jelly baby vodka, with a standard bottle of vodka (bit removed - chefs treat) and about two bags of jelly babies. And now this is a trick i learnt from a chalet girl I was skiing with. Wrap it in two tea towels and pop it in the dishwasher. The heat helps to dissolve the jelly babies. Wonderful! Also this will set if you leave it in the fridge!!!"

sounds good... similar idea using either skittles/pear drops/american (every flavour) jellybabies


Any drink that will fit in a glass (of any size), and has ABV stamped on the container, followed by yes please, is a drink for new year!!!

But seriously, I like the soaking of Melon with Vodka, leave for a few days, then eat the Melon. Hurrah, instantly deficiant eyesight!!!!!

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