Does revision actually help?


So I've just had my first exam and it went horribly wrong. Everything I'd revised for was incorporated in to different questions and i couldnt really discuss stuff properly.
This may serve me right for doing a degree in Chinese and Japanese, my big mistake, but i still think that even with minimal revision i could have written the same heap of s@#t than i did just now.

So does revision actually work or is it just under exam pressure the important aspects of work covered come flooding back to you?

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Whats Revision?? I think revision depends on the person really because i knwo some people who revise for months and still get the same mark as some people who revise for two minutes before the exam. If you find revision easy to do then you will do it, but dotn force yourself otherwise all your learning is that you dont appreciate having to force your self to revise and not the work your looking at

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Nuke's revision Timetable.

Open Study books...Erm...turn on P.C....have a quick shufty at the first couple of "Internet Explorer"...get a book first two lines with head resting in palm of upturned right hand...with left hand click "" from the dropdown menu...close book and throw into corner of room...tMP post frenzy ensues.


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nah im studying Fish at the minute and how its used to colour chromosones to identify abnormalities in gene structure. By using FISH you are able to tag the chromosome and study it at different light wavelenghts of light so that you can tell whether or not theres a problem with it because it will flurese. This Is a great way of finding intra and inter cellular abnormalities and can be used to tell whether the Problem is polyploidy, neuploidy or neuroploidy. Sommat else after that and well see.

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i dont do any work all year, and then stay up all night before exams revising, with the aid of proplus. hope the exams go well!


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Revision only works if you actually understand what you are revising. It's no good sitting down a week before the exam with a load of borrowed notes that you haven't seen before because you couldn't be arsed to get out of bed for the lectures (as one of my friends tried to do every exam time!).

Everyone has there own style of revising - personally I went for the pressure cooker approach (i.e. leave it until 1 or 2 weeks before then lock yourself in your room until you know it), but that might not work for other people.

Also, sometimes exams just throw you, I've not met many people who can say they haven't produced the odd substandard performance in an exam whilst at Uni - nobody's perfect.

I sat 38 exams while I was an undergrad and I hated every single one, but just think about when it's over....



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In fact ive not been here all afternoon cause ive been revising. Im not going to try and justify my choice of revision to you cause im sure you were exactly the same when you were young. Also i have days between my exams where i dont have to do owt .. you know this is pointless im still gonna get ribbed no matter what i say
Anyone wanting to give me a good kicking of insults theres space now to take as much piss as you want becasue i know im not loved and that all my so called mates hate me anyway you know i give up its not worth it i could just end it all now.


yikes even i dont feel that bad right now cos at least i got back in time for Neighbours!! :wink: Again a reason for my current predicament

Jo x


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I dont feel bad i just hate having the rise taken out of me by someone who is either worse or exactly the same. Only when they are truly better will i accept the fact any form of insult and as su ch i get upset with anyone other then that. You know like a hypocryte

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I didnt to much revision for my GCSEs... A levels I didn't do...
Uni exams last year I didnt revise for.... the ones we had this year, I didnt revise for...

I hate revision... :lol: can you tell?



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ScrapingtheBottom said:
Revision only works if you actually understand what you are revising

exactly!!! you also need to understand the way the questions are asked. I worked quite hard really up to A level then at uni became very lazy! Just don't do what I did for my finals- decide to learn 1/6 of the course as it always comes up EVERY year. You then find it does not!! and you seriously have no idea how to answer the exam especially when you didn't even attend most of the lectures on that topic!! :shock:

Now I'm teaching :? I try and get my students to do as many past paper questions they can to ensure they understand really what is being asked. Far to many people write loads and loads which whilist, is not incorrect information, is certainly not answering the question!

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I totally agree with those who have said about revision only working if you understand it! I never really understood my degree at all so didn't do the right type of work.I just convinced myself that copying out the whole of my text book would be wasn't!
This was clarified when I got less marks in my resit (after lots of work) than I did first time round :shock: !!


I haven;t done an exam in years but certainly do the remember the pressure involved......and the sheer relief afterwards!!!

Just perservere and it will soon be all over! :wink:


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I look at the past papers, figure out which topic comes up the most often and read about it for 20 minutes before you go into the exam. Its got me through GCSE's, A Levels and first year of uni.

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Revision is essential, whether it be for GCSE's, A Levels or uni degree exams.
No revision= guaranteed bad mark.

When you get to university unfortunately simply revising lecture notes aint always enough. We have to read around the subjects and bring in knowledge that isn't spoon fed to us, like at GCSE's and A levels.

At the time believe me it seems like hard work and boring. IT IS! can really reep the dividends by doing just a few hours a day, do 1 hour in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening.

3 hours a day and broken up like that it aint so hard at all. :)

Dont regret things by looking back later in life and think, wished i'd have done more revision. Revise early then you dont have to resit etc and you reep the rewards.

My personal opinion. :D

Dave Euph

having tried various methods of revision, I can give you just one form of revision that works everytime for exams. Past papers.

By doing past papers (particularly in timed conditions) you are replicating the feel of the exam as well as learning the knowledge required by answering the questions. When it comes to the exam all you have to do is repeat what you did in your revision!

Proof? In my ICT A levels over the last couple of years, every mock exam I did before the real exam I did terribly (at best, a D, at worst, FAIL!). On the morning of the real exams (I always had afternoon exams :D) - occasionally a few days before :) - I always went into college with a fistful of past papers and various notes and religiously did a few papers until I knew the answers to all the questions before I even saw the question in the first place!

The result? I got a C in every one of the exams, and during the exam I didn't get the feeling of panic and of "Oh SHIT! I haven't got a clue how to answer any of these questions!" ...


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Last exam in an hour and a half so revision has all been done and now im just in a panic, havnt slept a wink
As a teacher I try and stress the importance of revision but my pupils just tell me they already know it - they're exam results will decide that I'm sure.
When I was a student I always did plenty of the revision the night before and I sailed through! Well not quite, but I did pass.

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