Does John Doyle Teach???


Does anyone know if john doylie teaches peripetectically (spelt wrong) anyone got any contacts with him.
If u do please let me know.

Much Appreciated



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Hi there. John Doyle is a music teacher at Lostock Hall high school, and currently lives in Leyland. I know he does do some private lessons. If you want to contact him, I'll ask him first then PM you. :)


Does John Doyle Teach?

You could always ask me for Doyley's mobile number. I'm at Stockport Schools Band most Saturday mornings (I usually lurk around the Intermediate Band singing their parts down their ears!)................although next weekend I have a prior engagement!!!!

Foxy @ Fodens


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hope this helps:



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John Doyle - Teaching !

The best teacher you could have if you are in Manchester is Foxy Flug
read the name and look at the signature! what more can be said.

Wiseperson only speak the truth. :hammer


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The official report!

I had my first lesson with John last night and I think both of us are still alive and no sign of imminent breakdown on my part (although if I was responsible for Dyke having a gibbering wreck of a flugel I do apologise!)

Great fun (although boy do I feel old now!) and I think we did more talking than playing, but I picked up a lot of tips and the battle of the flugels will resume when we've both done some practice!

Strongly recommended - and as a gal taught by Jim Shepherd that is high praise indeed!

Rach x
Hi. I know this is an old post, but Johns name was given to me when I was asking for lessons. Does anyone have any up to date contact details for him?

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