Does Anyone Own A Scanner?? not pc one.


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Not used these for several years now. However, I was once preparing for an introductory Air Traffic Controllers course and had them hooked up to my Laptop, synced with software and an application called NACARS, one could plot the course and watch aircraft over UK and Eire airspace on a moving map.

Since deciding not to do the course, haven't used them much at all.

I'm a bit of a gadget geek... :wink:
I have one. Have for many years and used it to listen to aircraft and ATC (as i wanted to become an air traffic controller, but sadly my eye-sight let me down :shock: ) Don't use it as much as i used to, but still occasionally track aircraft using ACARS. Any questions, just ask :D


I have just flung my very old scanner out...any suggestions for a new model?
Of course..only used it to watch planes, and check taxi on the way... :wink:

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