Does anyone else feel any unfairness?


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Can I just say that I think i'm being picked on. I did nothing worse than any of the other housemates, and it seems that no matter what I do I always seem to get the blame. Please can someone see that I'm not always the trouble maker and that I always seem to get the wrap unless someone sticks up for me (thanks Craig!).

So, if you all vote that I broke the bed, I won't hold it against you, but i feel that it's slightly unfair (seeing that I'm already on my 2nd warning, even though other people have been as cheeky as me).

I expect to go now (unfair dismissal?), so thanks for being a great audience.



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yes benny, boc brother is evil!!

i can speak the truth now im out!!

u are being descriminated against coz ure a horn player!!

i get ti all the time!!

k xx


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Poor Ben! Theres always someone who gets the blame and I'm sorry its u mate :( Let there be justice! Save the Bunny!


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Well i'm sure most of the housemates will stick up for you mate, top chap! :wink:
Don't worry so much! :roll: :wink:


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Chill li'l dude!

take a seat and relax no ones picking on you.
the only one picking on anybody is that god awfull BB, and hes pickingon everyone.

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