Doctor's Advice????


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This chap had a sore throat and also had some breathing problems so he went to his local doctor for an examination.

The doctor for some reason had a severe dislike of the Salvation Army and suspected that the patient was a member. He said, "You play in the Salvation Army Band, don't you?

"Yes" replied the patient, "I do."

The doctor thought to himself, "I'll upset his little apple-cart."

"That's the trouble! Playing your instrument is having a severe effect on your breathing," said the doctor. "You'll have to give it up!"

"But Doctor, that's my life. It's really important to me. Do I really have to give up playing in the band?"

"Most definitely. There is no other alternative" said the doctor.

"Oh well, if that is the way it is I will just have to accept it" said the man.

As his patient was about to leave the doctor stopped him and asked, "As a matter of interest, what instrument do you play?"

Back came the reply, "I play the drum!"

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