Do you suffer from post area blues??

Do you suffer from post area blues??

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I'd been looking forward to it for ages, counting down the days and everything, and then it was all over in 1 day! :cry: I was still hyper for about the next 3 days, but now I miss the buzz of been on the contest stage, and can't wait until the next one! :(

The Cornet King

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Yep I've had post area blues today! :cry:

Was fine last night after we played, after a fair few beers and all.
Woke up this morning and *boom*..big time depression and disappointment! :cry: But never next time...

The buzz on the contest stage yesterday was awesome...just wanna do it over again! :D


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Lauradoll said:
Isn't that a hangover???

lol yeah! although i would never dream of having a hangover after any contest being the lickle angel i am ( :shock: i was nearly an angle then!!) i blame the small one i had on a certain person naming no1 but im sure u know who u r *cough-miss* i dread to think wot i wrote on my exams on the monday mornin!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :D :roll:


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