Do you suffer from post area blues??

Do you suffer from post area blues??

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I haven't had my area yet, but the build up and the weekend away is such a laugh that it's horrible going back to normality afterwards. Just wanted to know if others suffer from post area blues? :(


Yes, I think you may be right. Perhaps I'm getting confused and it's the alcohol I get withdrawal symptoms from and not the music making! :lol: Perhaps I should change the thread??
I know what you mean it is such a big build up to the day then in the flash of an eye it is gone, but the hangover tends to hand around for longer
Despite a large infusion of alcohol Mrs Anson doesn't do hangovers! :lol:

As for post area blues - I find that if we've done well then I tend to get the blues (in the sense that I don't want it to end) a little as non-banders in your everyday life just don't appreciate your achievement, it's like a foreign language to them!

However if the result isn't too great then I'm actually pretty glad it's all over and don't even attempt to tell non-banders what I got up to at the weekend.


Completely dependant on the results......I'm currently playing the chords of A,D and E on a battered old six string whilst sitting in a rocking chair on my verandah.



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After our Area result this year "getting the blues" is putting it mildly! :cry:

I do feel a big anti-climax after any contest, regardless of our result. The first rehearsal back is always a bit ropey and I often wonder how a set of players that played so well [generally speaking] at the weekend can get to be so rubbish so soon! :shock: But it's generally just a post-contest hangover (playing wise that is - my beer hangover after this year was a VERY big one :guiness )

All part of the rich tapestry that is banding I suppose.......... :p


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I found playing at this years area very emotional. The lead up to and including starting to play, but once we had finished i was a complete wreck. it was really weird. couldnt stop shakeingand stuff :cry:

but within half and hour or so, i was back to my normal sane, quiet self :lol:
cant wait for the next one now :lol:


Not so much blues, just a massive hangover and a lip that feels so sore my trombone sounds like a chainsaw for a few days! CLASS!


i used to get the blues because i would not be able to speak to any brass friends until the next contest but now i have to keep in touch and up to date!!!

Rambo Chick

yes i guess after such a big build up, it is an anticlimax but i have to say i was counting the days 'til we got to play something new!!bashing away at Coventry variations for two months solid rendered me a jibbering wreck!! :hammer

i am glad its over , but disappointed at the result. :cry:


satchmo shaz

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havent got time to get the blues!! :? My band are asking whats next? can we do pontins/ aCD or more entertainments contests!!
As for the training band, They have decided that they ALL want to do solos , duets and quartet contests....... now the senior band do too!! boy have I got my work cut out!! :wink:


I agree, time for the blues, no chance. We might get a rehersal off but then its on to the next one. Spring Belle Vue isnt a million miles away plus just never stops.
Marvelous! :lol:


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hmm. i really enjoy the day, and it's disappointin when its all over, coz its done so quickly, but having sed that.... i dont think that i could take another rehearsal playin JUST viscaya :hammer

good result tho... 5th out of 18 in the 3rd section inthe london n southern counties...... come on brad'll!!!!!!!

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