Do you really want to hear about Becks and Loos?

Do you really want to hear about Becks and Loos?

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With all that's going on in the world, trouble in Iraq and the West Bank, Osama bin Laden making threats, why is so much time in the media dedicated to something so trivial as Beck and Loos? This is important news?!

Who cares?

I know I don't..........


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totally not bothered... but then again I don't read any newspapers or girly magazines so I didn't even realise the whole thing was happening!


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Yes, I wonder how much good the £500,000 she was paid for the interview would have done elsewhere? (and no, I didn't watch it). However, the same could be said for the silly money becks has earnt over the years. Seems that there's enough people interested to make it worthwhile for them though!


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I was well p***** off to see Beckhamgate taking up the first 5 pages of the sun yesterday and the death of Caron Keating makes only a double spread on about page 12. Enough is enough already, lets keep the pop stars in the entertainment section and the footballers on the back pages. Beckhams nob and where it has been is not the worlds biggest issue!!!

PS: I realise it was the sun i was reading!!!!!!


Yes, it's sooooo boring :roll: . I mean, in a nutshell, the way I see it is that Becks had a little fumble one night, she got all attached, he sacked her cos he was scared the missus would find out and she got pay back by telling the press. Done and dusted -It serves him right :bounce !! Now bring on Euro 2004!!! Come on England!! :bounce :guiness :D


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I'm not really interested in this story but it hasn't actually been proven that he did have a fling with her, but people will always believe everything they read in the paper.
I don't think it will do him much harm, and this Loos woman will never get a job as a PA again as she won't be trusted, so once the money runs out she'll regret trying to cash in on his name

2nd man down

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You just get sick and tired of them going on about the same old cr*p all the time don't you??

There's people dying for crying out loud!! If any members of the press are reading this then WHILE YOU'RE SCRABBLING ABOUT DIGGING UP DIRT ON MR. THICKO AND THE SLAPPER, IF YOU HAPPEN APON A LIFE - GRAB IT!!!
:x :x


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What Mr Beckam does in the loo is his own business. I don't want to hear/read about it.

Dave Payn

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Well if Beckham IS good at plumbing Loos then maybe Armitage Shanks can offer him a job when he retires from football.... ;-)


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Lol! :lol:

Personally I couldn't care less about the matter, there are things going on in the world that are worth our attention...

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