Do march composers REALLY hate us?

Jack E

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A couple of little gems, from march cards, which make me seriously wonder; was Hubert Bath suffering from piles, lumbago and gout when he wrote the 2nd baritone part (yes - 2nd baritone!) for 'Out of the Blue'?

And did L. Bancroft assume that all 2nd baritone players would take a look at this little gem of a bar, shrug, and say "D'you want me to throw in a trill whilst I'm at it?", when he dreamed up this one, in 'By the Left'? (I don't even want to think about what he wrote for the Solo Cornet . . . o_O )

You cannot be SERIOUS!!.jpg

Once I've cracked these two, I shall await (with quiet confidence) the call from Dr Childs - and refer him to my accountant and business manager . . . and I will not come cheap . . . :cool:


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