Do I have the curse?

Dave Payn

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A couple of fellow tMP-ers have pointed out with some mock 'alarm' that I'm using the same avatar as a certain (or UNcertain??) Uncle Norbert. Unless the relating of this story is equivalent to those who are unfortunate to hear the chant of the Knights Who Say 'Ni', would someone kindly explain? Who is (was) Uncle Norbert, does he (she... well, you never know in this day and age...) still frequent these boards? What role did the avatar play? Should I beware of strangers bearing gits... sorry, the 'f' key stuck... 'gifts'

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Uncle Norbert was the user name of a troublemaker active in the early days of the forum. In particular, he posted some untrue and hurtful supposed "announcements" regarding a particular band. Whether there is anything sinister attached to the avatar itself I don't know, but his ghost certainly seems to haunt the forum from time to time. :shock:


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Dave Payn said:
Well despite my Avatar, I'd like to think I haven't come anywhere near the sort of posts described (and have absolutely no intention of doing so!) I would submit a real picture of me, but that'd be more scary than my current Avatar! :)

Re: photo - I'll say nothing! Please rest assured, your posts are much appreciated Dave and nothing like the troublemaker who previously wore your cloak!


Dave Payn

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Aw! (Blushes...)

Seriously, though. Thank you D. It's a pleasure mixing with fellow 'brassers' here. I've learned a lot already!


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If I'm ever in London i'll keep a look-out for the flying cape, i think you've posted great dave, especially a bonus having a knowledge on PRS subjets, a help to us all!


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Don't worry, in your 141 posts (at the time of writing) you've proved that your nothing like him (in my opinion) :D So far anyway..... :twisted: :lol:

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